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The Fiber of India

IT + IT = IT

Indian Talent + Information Technology = India Tomorrow

Integrating a knowledge based economy approach into this predominant agriculture based economy, with the parallel urban economy in the backing; Digital India emerges as the much acclaimed transformation that India needs today to metamorphose into a digitally powered society

The Digital India programme announces its very clear intent of identifying and grooming the untapped young Indian talent leveraging the capabilities of Information technology to channelize these more than promising skills.


Incepted at the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), Digital India promotes the inclusive growth, offering equal opportunities to all alike, irrespective gender, economic class, religion or disabilities

Mentoring India towards a Digital India

Satisfying the varied needs of the people of the country through digitization and embracing technology enhances the ways of getting things done and consolidates the future of the society.

“Digital India is an enterprise for India’s transformation on a scale that is, perhaps, unmatched in human history.”

The Prime Minister, India - Mr. Narendra Modi

Leading India towards contemporary ways is projected as no mean feat simply because India lives in thousands of different conducts and cultures. But careful curation of ideas and laying out of a sustainable foundation in terms of infrastructure and awareness indicates a promising story.

India is set to make its mark in the world with its young workforce. What is encouraging is that more than 50% of the Indian population is below the age of 25 and more than 65% is below the age of 35. It is expected that between 2010 & 2030, India will have added 241 Million of people more into the global workforce.

The change that this massive young skilled pool of people can bring about across the world remains to be imagined. Grooming this resource pool to transform it into highly skilled humans in the loop remains a huge task for revolutionary movements like the Digital India.

Laying Foundations, Creating Awareness, Enticing the Global Community

The vision and the maturity of the leaders of this digitally divide country leads other influential key players to put faith in Digital India to bridge the technology & skills gaps within the country and the world.

A Digital transformation is in the offing with the SMAC -collating a conducive ecosystem to facilitate Digital India drive. The global influencers take part in this initiative.


“Digital India will bring about solutions for the challenge of digital divide.”
"Bringing world class infrastructure to India and respecting India's digital securities is a key milestone for us and we want to help people make things happen. “

Microsoft CEO Mr. Satya Nadellaodi

“The Digital India program is about empowering citizens... the goal is to connect every Indian citizen, only then can they be provided financial inclusion, education and healthcare. “

Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft India

An entirely comprehensive ecosystem with diverse facilities like biometric patient tracking technology; tools for combating cognitive disabilities; digitization of the villages for the benefit of the farmers; a collaborative Cloud based platform for the citizens; provision of training through Microsoft YouthSpark centers to enable the young people to increase their potentials, Microsoft does it all to realize a dream that is Digital India.
Microsoft Women in Tech is focused on empowering women of all age groups with technology for academics & skills-based training to value add to the abilities of this gender and generate better economic opportunities.
Microsoft is an underplayed story but an established partner in Digital India.


“Modi has accelerated the effort to make India the next driver in innovation. We are proud of what is happening in India, and share Prime Minister's vision of Digital India. “

Google CEO Mr. Sundar Pichai

With the belief that Google has, in how an internet enabled India throws open opportunities for small and medium businesses and startups; Google focuses on getting people online to facilitate a Digital India. Hand holding for women, young entrepreneurs and SMBs makes Google a trusted name in this movement


“I changed my profile picture to support Digital India, the Indian government’s effort to connect rural communities to the internet and give people access to more services online. “

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook page

The fact that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made news by repainting his profile picture with the shades of the Indian tricolor to show his support for the Digital India campaign ahead of the prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s townhall meeting along with him last year is an old story.

But it was surely a beginning. Inspite of a failed attempt to bring free internet to India, Facebook remains committed to empowering healthcare and education through social media


“The last mile of the digital highway is not infrastructure but skills of the users.”

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his Facebook page

Intel is committed to lead India towards its digital dreams as well. As part of its Digital Skills for India programme, Intel India has unveiled a digital skills training application, which includes modules on digital literacy, financial inclusion, healthcare and cleanliness in 5 Indian languages.

The next logical step for Intel is to mentor a platform to encourage innovators for solutions related to technology through Intel & DST Innovate for Digital India Challenge along with the Department of Electronics and Information Technology and MyGov in collaboration with IIM Ahmedabad. A great impetus to the Digital India vision with the world class technology of Intel and its innovative spirit.

Creating a Digital Workforce

IT companies share this mature vision to be a part of inclusive growth based on the nine pillars of Digital India creating an unparalleled social impact on both the Rural and the Urban India.

“ From large corporates to young professionals in this center of innovation, each can be part of Digital India story……”

The Prime Minister, India - Mr. Narendra Modi

Among all these perceptions and approaches emerges a very critical concept. The idea of offering meaningful work to people across India making them a part of this Digital outlook. This very prudent vision believes in empowering the citizens by productive employment avoiding direct income redistribution as a means of increasing income for neglected groups to groom a resourceful talent pool to be eventually employed globally.


Inclusive Growth

A Contemporary Approach to Creating Conducive Opportunities

India lives in a paradox with its constant demand for skilled workforce versus individuals struggling to find appropriate opportunities.

Digital India creates a global workforce by leveraging technologies to reach & recruit, identify & provision need based trainings to create diverse resource pools promising proficient knowledge bases, better productivity and performances.

With highly capable skilled humans in the loop, young India is all set to offer across the boundaries of the globe, world class digital services to satisfy the world’s need in niche areas like
machine learning and artificial intelligence; domains depending largely on human intelligence and acumen for satisfying their need of knowledge.

The inclusive growth thus envisioned brings economic independence and a rise in self-esteem for many Indians who would otherwise might have been lost in the test of times.


Karma Speaks

“ Our nation is scaling new heights of progress and with such a youthful population we can achieve so much. Dream to do something and not to become someone ”

The Prime Minister, India - Mr. Narendra Modi

As India enters its seventieth year of independence, this radically new vision for India erases the boundaries on the maps and makes available the abilities of the young Indians across the globe ensuring that India is set to be one of the largest digital transformation in the world as predicted.

Technologies relying on Humans in the Loop like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Intelligence, find a highly skilled talent pool in this huge country, ready to be the enhancers of the AI based services across the globe.

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