A Modern Day Discourse

Machine Intelligence

A Modern Day Discourse

Machine Intelligence – A Modern Day Discourse

By REVOKARMAHUB |18 July 2016

Technology reinvents itself to become more human and turns cognitive, empowered with disruptive technologies of the modern day. The Cloud, the Wearables, Big Data & Analytics, Business Intelligence, the Mobile Technologies and IoT give a thrust to the quest to do more without human intervention by generating machine intelligence inspired by the human acumen.

Reinforcing computers with human intelligence to generate the Machine intelligence goes a long way in to the past with its early beginnings in Artificial Intelligence. Alan Turing in his paper related to Computing Machinery & Intelligence of the early fifties dared to ask “Can Machines Think?”

The questions change a little today. “Can Machines think better than Humans?” “Can Machine Intelligence surpass Human Intelligence?”

In fact, when humans and computers complement each other, there is outdoing none. When human acumen improvises the labels and judgments of the self-learning algorithms, machine learning makes its grand entry and emerges as the indispensable tool we have on hand today. Add to it the ever expanding technology landscapes and the thinning communication gaps, the offerings are amazing and sky is the limit to empower the globe.

Making the Machines Intelligent – Learn, Do, Verify

The Machines need to constantly build their own intelligence by a simple, realistic and repetitive process. Learn, Do, Verify. With skilled Humans in the Loop for constant annotations, labels and predictions to improvise judgements and algorithms of the computers; machines gain acumen from this collaboration with the humans to exhibit intelligent behavior.

Machine Intelligence wrapped around Data & Service Platforms ensure continuous up skilling of machines and superlative accuracy percentages of judgments and hence intelligence.

The Purpose of Machine Intelligence

Machine intelligence sets out to give rise to a whole lot of core cognitive technologies emulating the unsurpassable human intelligence to automate tasks with better precision with an aim to make lives easier. Putting together a huge pool of skilled humans with CrowdSourcing in a completely new perspective tapping human knowledge and intuition; Machine intelligence offers promising cognitive solutions across domains and industries.

Cognitive Abilities - Doing What the Humans Do

Core Techniques Driving Cognitive Abilities

Core Services

With Crowd and Human in the Loop as a Service, innumerable interesting approaches enable and foster delivery of MI and AI based solutions.

Interesting Services

Virtual Personal Assistants

  • Schedule meetings
  • bookings movie, rest, taxi
  • Research

Sentiment Analytics

  • Extracting Sentiment from email, text, social media

Visuals Based Services

  • Image & Video Tagging
  • Gesture & Object Recognitions
  • Geo Spacial Markings
  • Video Transcription

Content / Language Based Services

  • Machine Translated Content
  • Grammar Acumen Development
  • Localization & Language Tunings
  • Caption Creation

Evaluation Services

  • Annotations
  • Mean Opinion Scores
  • Text to Audio Validations
  • Search Engine Evaluation & Quality Assessments
  • Classification

Speech Services

  • Linguistic Evaluations
  • Speech Transcription
  • Text to speech (TTS)
  • Engineered Recordings
  • Speech Translations

Interesting Applications

Machine Intelligence is put to use to facilitate automation of tasks, predictive technology and Internet of Things across domains and industries. With thoughtful deliberation, this technique finds interesting applications in day to day enterprise functions such as Production, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource Management, Security, Customer Engagement and more with the capacity to bring about radical changes for global growth.

Trends, Behaviors Analysis – Clustering & Segmentation

This is probably one of the most important applications involving machine intelligence. The Machine Intelligence powered APIs analyze data sets to interpret behavior and predict trends. Clustering and segmenting the identical preferences for meaningful use is a natural step.

Anomalies & Outlier Detection

Revealing anomalies in behaviors, infrastructure, trends, monetary transactions and movement patterns, Machine intelligence is put to use for geospatial tracking, rogue behavior identification and other security related applications. Outlier detection is put to use to predict the unusual and unexpected.

Continuous data collection and intelligence generation across the web facilitates social graph analysis finding its uses with industries requiring risk management & marketing optimizations.

Product Data & Customer Data, Ontologies and Recommender's

The next big step after curating, organizing and analyzing data would be to integrate it with recommendation engines to interpret and process user intents to present recommended results using machine intelligence. This is especially useful in the customer facing and customer engagement platforms requiring personalization.

Artificial Intelligence Driven Search

This application makes the search more contextual and an innovative personalization tactic leveraging data collected to infer the correct user intent and make the searches more usable and meaningful for the user, improving the user experiences on the search engines more engaging.

Machine Intelligence correctly segments markets and customers and is useful for behavior based targeted actions.

Cyborgs, Bots & Virtual Assistants

This piece of technology mixes machine intelligence with human intelligence. With the appearance of a humanoid Cyborgs are designed to complete tasks like chatting, scheduling meetings and other manual tasks. Bots on the other hand help perform low level tasks such as online transactions, monitoring, basic searches and more.

Autonomous Systems

Drones, self-driven cars, robots are some examples in this category that allow organizations to lend a different perspective to logistics and machine movement. In areas where physical infrastructure could be challenged, autonomous systems have a major role to play. Such implementations need to be done in a controlled environment under the guideline of experts & specialists of the field itself along with the hardware and robotics specialists.

Domains & Industries

With seamless integrations to Robotics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and other relevant technologies, Machine Intelligence proves to be crucial to diverse industries like Communication, Finance, Agriculture, Healthcare & Medicine, Media & Content, Retail, Education, Manufacturing and the list never ends.

Financial Services & Fintech

  • Fraud Detection & Risk Management
  • Credit Risk Scoring Decision Making
  • Abnormal Trading Analysis & Detection


  • Pricing Optimization
  • Call Detail Record Analysis
  • Network Performance Optimization
  • Mobile User Behavior Analysis

Security Based Agencies

  • Fraud Detection
  • Threat Detection
  • Cybersecurity
  • Social Graph for Crime Analysis
  • Geospatial Tracking

Consumer Driven Industries

  • Product Recommendation Engines
  • Cross Channel Analytics
  • Behavior based Events targeting
  • Campaign management and optimization
  • Merchandizing and Market analysis
  • Activity based Behavior Segmentation
  • Market and consumer segmentations
  • Advertising

Energy Industry

  • Smart Grid Management
  • Smart Meters
  • Power Generation Management
  • Power Trading
  • Price Optimization
  • Social Graph Analysis for Risk Management

Health and Life Sciences

  • Health Insurance Fraud Detection
  • Health Campaign and Programs Optimizations
  • Patient Care and Program Analysis
  • Drug Research and Development Analysis
  • Social Graph Analysis for Drug and Device Trials

The Last Word

With conducive coupling of humans and machines, Machine Intelligence sets out to bring unimaginable positive changes by automating the tasks of day to day life. The right selection of Human in the Loop services augments and complements the entire MI and AI based service offerings with improved quality.

Recognizing this very critical fact, entrepreneurs and startups see tremendous scope in this field and set out to groom a talent pool of individuals to make the machines more intelligent, to ultimately make all sorts of tasks easier with greater precision.